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Supporting Clinicians in Private Practice to meet their regulatory requirements.

I have been a Clinical Supervisor since 2011, and I enjoy the supervisory relationship.  I have supervised professionals from a variety of disciplines including Social Work, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Nursing, Family Support, Peer Support, and more.  

In my private practice, I provide clinical supervision to Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, and Mental Health Nurses.


I use a person-centered, strengths-based approach with clinicians, just as I do with the individuals I counsel.  

I focus on theory-to-practice integration, because I believe that if you can understand the "why", then the "how" and "what" come much easier.

My style is one where, yes, I focus on the people you are supporting, what approaches you are using and why, and any safety issues you might need to address.  

However, I also focus on your personal development.  

Are you struggling with "imposter syndrome"? What is your "use of self" in your practice? Are you feeling burned out? What are your professional goals and aspirations?

All of these topics are important to discuss, because if we take good care of you, then the people you support will be taken care of! 

If you want a strength-based supervisor who is going to help you grow in your practice, let's chat.  I can meet by phone or online via a secure platform.  


Appointment availability is online when you book directly in my calendar, click "Book a Session"or "Book a Supervision" to be redirected to the Jane App booking software.  

I do have some flexibility if there is another day/time that works well for you.  Please contact me directly for times outside of what you can find online.  


$100.00 per one hour supervision.  I can accept credit card, cheque, Paypal, or e-transfer. 

If you are in Private Practice, supervision services would be a business deduction.  


Clinical supervisors don't have all the answers, but hopefully they know how to elicit the answers that you hold.